Immune Health: Management

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Support Immune Health with Good Diet

Patients who are interested in supporting their immune system to enhance protection from pathogens should be counseled to get adequate sleep, reduce their stress, stop smoking, participate in regular physical activity, and satisfy most of their nutrients needs with a healthy, balanced diet, but, in reality, this often proves challenging. For example, nobody eats perfectly every day, and even well-designed eating plans are often inadequate in key nutrients, leaving many people at risk for insufficiencies that may negatively impact immunity.1

Dietary Supplements

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Dietary Supplements Support Good Immune Health

Micronutrient inadequacies are present at every age and stage of life, and in every country, including developed areas, where consumption of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, and zinc intake may be far lower than suggested intakes. Dietary supplements can help address inadequacies in the nutrients that support immunity.2 Studies show that younger adults as well as middle-age and older people who use multivitamins regularly have a significantly higher micronutrient intake for a variety of vitamins and minerals that support immunity.3,4

Multivitamin consumption adds a layer of protection in all adults when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and other lifestyle habits that support immunity. To maximize multivitamin use, it’s important for patients to consume a supplement that supports their overall micronutrient needs as well as their immune system. Centrum multivitamins provide a spectrum of nutrients and come in a range of age- and gender-specific products that empower you to customise recommendations for your patients.

Centrum Silver With Lutein

Centrum Silver With Lutein

In addition to an array of other vitamins and minerals, Centrum Adults includes vitamin A, C, D, B6, B12, folic acid, zinc, selenium, copper, iron to help support the immune system. Centrum Women builds off the same great formula as Centrum Adults and is custom formulated with nutrients specific to help support women’s health during the childbearing years, including iron. Nutrient needs change after 50, and Centrum products designed for that age group include higher levels of the vitamins and minerals that support overall health and ensure adequate intake which may help offset some of the effects of immunosenescence.

Centrum is backed by 40 years of nutritional science and is the most clinically studied multivitamin brand in the world, with proven long-term safety.5

Help your patients meet their vitamin and mineral needs and support their immune system at different ages and stages of life with a portfolio of full-spectrum Centrum products that work naturally with the body to support immunity and overall health.

*Product formulations and claims vary per market.

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The Centrum Range

Centrum Adults

Centrum Adults Multivitamin

A daily Multivitamin supplement that helps bridge nutrient gaps.

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Centrum Men

Centrum Men

Centrum Men, a daily multivitamin builds off the same great formula as Centrum Adults and is tailored to help meet the specific nutrient needs of active men, in cooperation with a balanced diet.

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Centrum Women

Centrum Women

Centrum Women’s Multivitamin is based on the Centrum Adult formula with customized levels of specific nutrients that address a woman’s needs.

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