The Science Behind Optizorb Technology

Optizorb technology contains three main ingredients which are: alginic acid that draws fluid from the stomach into the tablet causing it to swell and break apart; calcium carbonate that works together with alginic acid to boost the disintegration of the tablet and, crospovidone which acts as a superdisintegrant due to its ability to dissolve well in water.1,2

Paracetamol disintegrating in the stomach

Basics of Optizorb technology

This is a revolutionary technology that helps speed the breakdown of paracetamol tablets in the stomach2 in as early as 5 minutes so that the drug is absorbed fast and pain relief can start as early as 15 minutes after paracetamol ingestion with 2 tablets (1000 mg dose).3

Panadol with Optizorb technology delivers predictable pain relief vs. standard paracetamol because of 25% faster absorption and significantly reduced individual variations

Discover the Panadol range with Optizorb technology

Panadol Advance pack shot

Panadol Advance with Optizorb technology

With a revolutionary dispersion and dissolution technology2 that speeds up absorption and starts relieving pain in just 15 minutes with 2 tablets (1000 mg dose),3 Panadol Advance provides faster and efficient pain relief compared with standard paracetamol tablets thanks to Optizorb technology.1,2

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Man with a fever


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Bi-layer technology

Revolutionary bi-layer technology

Discover more about Panadol’s bi-layer technology that allows rapid and consistent pain relief up to 8 hours.

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Patient with migraine

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