Sensodyne Science: Potassium Nitrate Formulations

Potassium nitrate formulations build protection over time to help desensitise nerves in tooth pulp*3–6

Sensodyne potassium nitrate formulations contain 5% potassium nitrate, an ingredient that is clinically proven to relieve the pain of sensitivity with twice daily use:3–6

  • Potassium ions can travel into exposed dentine tubules3-6
  • Potassium nitrate works by depolarising sensory nerves in the tooth leading to them being less responsive3–6

*With twice daily use

Dentine tubules and potassium nitrate

Potassium nitrate desensitises nerves by exposing the nerves to potassium ions, making nerves less responsive to potentially painful stimuli.3–8

Potassium nitrate works inside dentine to target the source of the sensitivity.3–8

Sensodyne Product Range Containing Potassium Nitrate

Deep Clean Gel packshot

24/7 care for sensitivity*

Products in our essential care range, such as Sensodyne Deep Clean Gel toothpaste, are powered by potassium nitrate.

*With twice daily brushing

Sensodyne Nourish toothpaste

Sensodyne Nourish

The Sensodyne Nourish range with bio-active minerals, strengthens and nourishes teeth while also protecting from sensitivity.

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