Guaifenesin formulations

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Guaifenesin relieves a productive cough through multiple mechanisms

In vitro observation found guaifenesin possesses:

  • mucokinetic action (increases the effectiveness of coughing by decreasing the adhesion of mucus from the respiratory tract)2,3
  • mucoregulatory action (moderates the secretion of mucus)2,3
  • expectorant action (increases the water volume of sputum, thereby decreasing viscosity)2,3

These combined pathways of action result in aiding mucociliary clearance and the symptomatic relief of a wet cough.2,3

Guaifenesin helps relieve coughing during colds and flu affecting the upper respiratory tract1

The benefits of Guaifenesin, Panadol Cold&Flu product range

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Panadol Cold & Flu All in One

Panadol Cold & Flu Cold and Cough is formulated with guaifenesin for the relief of a wet cough. Paracetamol and Phenylephrine.14

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