Listen to Pain

Achieving better patient outcomes through better HCP–patient dialogue

A deliberated and focused discussion of pain is an opportunity for better patient outcomes - pain relief in the short term, and pain management for the long term, tailored to the individual. With continuity of care, truly understanding how pain may change over time means pain management strategies can be evolved.

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“Their pain is never just one word” banner

Their pain is never just one word

Experts discuss how you can maximise your time with your patients.

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Patient Care Resources link – resources to help facilitate conversation between HCPs and patients around personalised pain management

Patient care resources

Access resources to facilitate better conversation around personalised pain management.

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Patient profiles – link to watch videos about real patients’ experiences and the person behind the pain

Patient profiles

Listen to Patient Stories and get to know the patient profiles to understand the person behind the pain.

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Experts’ advice on pain relief – image of pain expert John Bell and link to register for better pain management methods

Listen to Pain Webinars

Meet the experts who discuss better ways to manage pain in everyday life

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