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We know a life dedicated to healthcare is a calling, not just a job, and we share your commitment. That’s why partnering with dentists, hygienists, pharmacists and general practitioners is so important to Haleon. Not just providing trusted products, but helping to bring humanity to every consultation, championing health inculsivity and striving for better everyday health for all.

At Haleon, everything we do is anchored by our aim to make better everyday health more inclusive, sustainable and achievable.

Following our demerger with GSK plc (formerly GlaxoSmithKline plc) in 2022, we’ve been busy. We’re more focused than ever, working to innovate the products you and your patients know, trust and love. Beyond our brands, we’re continuing to expand the ways we support healthcare practitioners and their patients. From online resources to global initiatives, we’re always looking for new ways to partner with you.

Our progress so far.

  • Pharmacist at her counter, handing over a Sensodyne product to a customer

    Whilst young, we’re a company with a rich legacy and a deep passion for everyday health.

    We continue to raise the bar in product excellence across all our categories: Oral Health; Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements (VMS); Pain Relief; Respiratory Health; and Digestive Health and Other.

    Whilst we continue to offer trusted and effective products from our category-leading brands, we also have an opportunity to identify new ways our brands can be more inclusive and sustainable.

    A few of our latest product advances:

    • In collaboration with Microsoft Corp, we enhanced the accessibility of our products in the UK and the US for those who are blind, visually impaired or need help to read through the Microsoft Seeing AI app, a free app which can scan the product barcode and read product information out loud.
    • Accessible, ergonomic design of Otrivin’s new nasal mist; delivered as a fine and gentle mist with an easy-to-use one-thumb action.
    • Sensodyne Clinical White: clinically proven whitening technology specially designed for sensitive teeth.
    • Development of PanaNatra, pain relief using 100% plant-based actives, for those who prefer natural ingredients*.

    Our products are built on science, innovation and deep human understanding, trusted by millions of patients and consumers globally, and recommended by experts just like you.

  • A dentist speaking with his patient

    From our outset, we have strived to offer healthcare practitioners resources and programmes which tackle the day-to-day challenges they face.

    When collaborating with you, the people out there delivering care every day, we actively listen to your concerns and needs to co-create solutions focused on patient-centered care. This spirit of partnership underpins every new initiative or tool we create to support health professionals.

    These partnerships have delivered some incredible results so far:

    • Our work with Smile Train has transformed the lives of 45,000 patients with cleft lips and palates, built infrastructure and training for dentists so they can keep serving patients in the future, and supported the creation of a comprehensive cleft guideline to standardise care1.
    • The launch of the Centre for Human Sciences kicked-off a collaboration between healthcare practitioners and behavioural scientists to provide real-world tools to help drive lasting patient behaviour change, with pain management in pharmacy being their first focus as a team.

    Alongside these initiatives, Haleon HealthPartner sits at the core of our healthcare professional offering. From thought leadership to practical resources, training modules to live webinars, and patient education materials for you to download and share, it’s a dynamic community that champions your vital role.

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  • A GP helping an elderly lady up from her seat in the surgery waiting room

    Better everyday health remains elusive for too many people.

    For Haleon, health inclusivity means increasing opportunities for as many people as possible to enjoy better everyday health. For us, this looks like tackling barriers in health literacy, healthcare accessibility, as well as bias and prejudice, alongside empowering self-care so individuals can fully participate in their own health.

    Following the launch of the Health Inclusivity Index with Economist Impact in 2022, the world’s first global benchmark for measuring health inclusivity, we will continue to support Economist Impact as they deepen the research to focus on how policy is translated into practice to drive health inclusivity on the ground.

    We’re aware that the health of people and the planet are inextricably linked and that we have a vital role to play in tackling environmental, as well as societal issues.

    As part of our sustainability commitment, we achieved our goal of using 100% renewable electricity across our directly owned and controlled sites in 20222. On our journey to reduce our net Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions by 100% by 2030 (compared to 2020), we have achieved a 41% reduction as of last year2.

    This is just a small insight into the work we do behind the scenes because we understand that sustainability and health inclusivity are a vital part of health worldwide; without which we wouldn’t be able to deliver on our unwavering commitment to support better everyday health for all.

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