Episode 2: The Power of Optimal Nutrient Levels

Uncover crucial knowledge in brain health for healthcare professionals, emphasizing three main principles:

  1. The critical role of micronutrients: Discover how essential nutrients are for brain function.
  2. Key mechanisms: Learn about the vital processes supported by micronutrients in the brain.
  3. Micronutrient inadequacies: Learn about the silent, often overlooked issue of hidden hunger and its implications for brain function.
Woman with dark hair presenting a slide with an infographic describing 6 actions for brain health – exercise, keep your brain active, manage stress, sleep well, be social and eat well

Brain Health Insights for Healthcare Professionals

Explore key findings in brain health tailored for healthcare professionals. Episode 3 of 3.

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Woman with dark hair presenting a slide with a bar chart showing how the number of studies on brain health has more than double in the last century

Brain Health Essentials

Dive into essential insights on brain health for healthcare professionals. Episode 1 of 3.

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Image of Maggie Moon, MS, RD wearing a white shirt and orange beaded necklace. Banner text reads: “A Dietitian’s view on multivitamins”

1-Minute Videos: Brain Health and Ageing

Brain health tips from Maggie Moon, MS, RD, (dietitian and brain health expert). Discover her one-minute video series.

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