Episode 1: Brain Health Essentials

Dive into essential insights on brain health for healthcare professionals, covering three core concepts:

  1. Nutrition's lifelong role: Explore how essential nutrients support brain development and health at every life stage.
  2. Understanding ageing: Learn about biological versus chronological aging and its implications for brain health.
  3. Brain health pillars: Discover the Global Brain Council's six pillars for brain health, including nutrition and other lifestyle adjustments.
Woman with dark hair presenting a slide with a picture of a brain

The Power of Optimal Nutrient Levels

Uncover crucial knowledge in brain health for healthcare professionals. Episode 2 of 3.

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Woman with dark hair presenting a slide with an infographic describing 6 actions for brain health – exercise, keep your brain active, manage stress, sleep well, be social and eat well

Brain Health Insights for Healthcare Professionals

Explore key findings in brain health tailored for healthcare professionals. Episode 3 of 3.

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Image of Maggie Moon, MS, RD wearing a white shirt and orange beaded necklace. Banner text reads: “A Dietitian’s view on multivitamins”

1-Minute Videos: Brain Health and Ageing

Brain health tips from Maggie Moon, MS, RD, (dietitian and brain health expert). Discover her one-minute video series.

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