Day 2 #ListenToPain 2.0 / Pain Protocol

#ListenToPain 2.0 / Pain Protocol

Every day, you face questions about pain from your patients. But the truth is, there’s never a one size fits all answer.

Introducing our #ListenToPain 2.0 program with an essential patient-first resource to help you personalize solutions and transform patient care.

Join us for an engaging and informative webinar on #ListenToPain 2.0: From Conversation to Personalization to tackle different Pain topics tailored to GP & Pharmacists .. hosted by top notch speakers.

Event Date : 11th of June

Start Time : 9:00 PM UAE time

End Time : 10:00 PM UAE time

Duration : 1 Hour

Presenter Name : Dr. Zoubir BOUDI, Dr. SHAM MOODLEY & Anthony Xavier

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Listen to Pain

Understanding The person behind the pain

Discover a personalised approach to pain management. Better conversations for better clinical outcomes.

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