Whitening World matter-Webinar series day 4

Whitening World matter-Webinar series

The worn dentition scenario: diagnosis, therapy and maintenance.

The use of all-ceramic represents represent a valid alternative to complete crown restorations, especially for erosion management, that became very common

in restorative dentistry. For this reason, the minimally invasive tooth preparation procedure allows the maximum preservation of healthy tooth structure thus

guaranteeing vitality and higher overall resistance of restoration. Also thanks to the undeniable advantages offered by the adhesive cementation technique.

Nowadays a new clinical approach based on an innovative minimally invasive prosthetic procedure (MIPP) is also applicable to full crown restorations allowing

preservation of vitality and tooth structure. The availability of a wide range of ceramic material permits the achievement of excellent, long lasting esthetic

results both for anterior and posterior cases and in full mouth rehabilitations. In this scenario, the correct acid erosion screening and the management with right

products become very important both for diagnosis and treatment after cementation, in order to reach a long-term clinical maintenance of the restorations.

Learning objective:

  1. Modern concepts in prosthetic adhesive dentistry
  2. Worn dentition: why, how and when
  3. Pre-operative worn dentition screening
  4. Worn dentition restorative management
  5. Worn dentition restorative maintenance

Event Date: 22-Aug-24

Start Time: 8.00 pm Gulf standard Time

End Time: 9.30 pm Gulf standard Time

Duration: 90 minutes

Presenter Name: Prof. Dr. Roberto Turini

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