Whitening World matter-Webinar series day 1

Whitening World matter-Webinar series

The whitening world: vital bleaching, from simply cosmetics to the combination with direct and indirect adhesive treatments, and its influence on oral


Nowadays the clinician is faced with the difficult challenge of managing discolorations sometimes quite severe. Currently we can use extremely predictable

techniques of vital dental bleaching, allowing sometimes to avoid the covering discolored elements, achieving excellent results in terms of aesthetics and

durability. The choice of extremely versatile products, together with the use of appropriate techniques, facilitates the clinician in cases of discoloration of

medium severity; moreover, dental bleaching procedures are able to influence oral hygiene among different generations of patients. In addition, in more

complex aesthetic situations, it is possible to combine bleaching using high-performance direct and indirect procedures, however using minimally invasive


Learning objective:

  1. Discolorations classification
  2. Vital bleaching types and materials
  3. Influence of bleaching on oral hygiene
  4. Vital bleaching and direct adhesive procedures
  5. Vital bleaching and indirect adhesive procedures

Event Date: 06-Jun-24

Start Time: 8.00 pm Gulf standard Time

End Time: 9.30 pm Gulf standard Time

Duration: 90 minutes

Presenter Name: Prof. Dr. Roberto Turini

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