Whitening World matter-Webinar series day 3

Whitening World matter-Webinar series

The whitening world: non vital discolorations.

Bleaching of non-vital discolored teeth is a low-risk routine treatment for improving esthetics, even though a very crucial aesthetic clinical scenario. A correct

diagnosis, combined with a deep knowledge of all potential causes to prevent or treat end-based discolorations, is the key of success, as well as the use of

correct bleaching techniques and materials.

Moreover, a very important aspect regarding “the unbleachable” situations and how to treat them, will be analyzed in depth in order to reach the final longlasting aesthetic goal.

Learning objective:

  1. Non-vital discolorations classification
  2. Causes and how to prevent internal discolorations
  3. Internal bleaching step-by-step
  4. Internal bleaching and direct adhesive procedures
  5. The "unbleachables" and how to treat them

Event Date: 08-Aug-24

Start Time: 8.00 pm Gulf standard Time

End Time: 9.30 pm Gulf standard Time

Duration: 90 minutes

Presenter Name: Prof. Dr. Roberto Turini

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