Latest Treatment Approaches for Enamel Abrasion Patients due to Acid Erosion

Dental erosion is a multifactorial condition: There is an interplay of chemical, biological, and behavioral factors in its aetiology which helps explain why some individuals exhibit more erosion than others. The erosive potential of erosive agents like acidic drinks or foodstuffs depends on chemical factors, e.g., pH, titratable acidity, mineral content, clearance on tooth surface and on its calcium-chelation properties. Biological factors such as saliva, acquired pellicle, tooth structure and positioning in relation to soft tissues and tongue are related to the pathogenesis of dental erosion. Furthermore, behavioral factors like eating and drinking habits, regular exercise with dehydration and decrease of salivary flow, excessive oral hygiene and, on the other side, an unhealthy lifestyle, e.g. chronic alcoholism, are predisposing factors for dental erosion.

Event Date : 11 March 2021

Start Time: 19.00 pm

End Time: 21.00pm

Duration: 2 hours

Presenter Name: Pr Dr Edward Lynch /Mr. Achley Latter/ Dr. Jonathan Creeth